Filtering documents by tag

The Concord system uses tags to both organize and grant access to documents. 

Filtering with tags

When you create a tag, it appears automatically as a filter in the sidebar of your Inbox. Yon can filter the documents in your Inbox by the tags applied to them. All the tags that have been applied to documents to which you have access will appear in the sidebar. 

Note: You can also enter a tag name into the search bar to find corresponding in documents. 

Using the tags dropdown menu 

Select the 'Tags' link in the sidebar to open a list of your tags. Click on a tag to quickly filter your Inbox to only show documents with that tag. You can select multiple tags for further filtering.


Finding untagged documents

You can locate documents which have not had any tags applied to them by scrolling to the bottom of the tags dropdown menu and selecting the 'No tags' option. This will filter out all tagged documents from your Inbox and only display untagged documents as a result. 


Using the tags sidebar list

Click the 'More' tab in your Inbox sidebar to toggle open the tab. Beneath the ‘Drafts’, 'Canceled', 'Deleted', and 'All' tabs, the tags will be listed in alphabetical order. Select any tag you would like to filter by from the sidebar. You can toggle open parent tags to select its child/nested tag inside.

Note: Selecting a parent tag will not additionally select its child/nested tags.  



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