Form Fields


Automate more of your business processes by inserting new field types into your documents. You can use Form fields for intake forms, vendor requests, or sales requests.

Through Form fields, you can:

  • Add text or multi-options fields such as checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Define whether fields are optional or required
  • Assign who can fill the field: someone from your company, an external party, etc

Form fields specificities

4 types of Form fields can be added:

  • Short answer
  • Paragraph
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes

To add a field to your document, click the Form fields dropdown in the Edit toolbar.

Form field configuration

For each field, you can configure:

  • Whether the field is optional or required. Required means the signatures will be locked until the field is filled.
  • Who can fill the field


Can I still work with documents that contain previous Required fields?

  • Yes, documents with previous Required fields are still usable

How do I convert the Old required fields of my document into Form fields?

  • Remove all the Required fields, Save and Refresh.
  • Once done, click Edit again and click “Form fields” in the toolbar to add new fields

I do not see the Form field dropdown menu, only Special fields:

  • You document may contain old Required fields. Remove them, Save and Refresh to be able to insert new form fields



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