Stages and Statuses

Assessing documents by stage and status

We simplified the document statuses to better reflect the document lifecycle and negotiation process. We've reduced the number of statuses—which are now called Stages—to provide more granular detail of where a document is in its lifecycle. 

NEW-invited.png Invited    A user that belongs to multiple company subsidiaries has been invited to a document by email.  
NEW-template.png Template   Templates are for generating other documents and cannot be shared externally. 
Template Automated Templates that include mapped Salesforce, API, or Excel variables. Excel templates can be used to generate multiple documents at once.
NEW-draft.png Draft   Private documents that haven't been shared with anyone else.
NEW-review.png Review   Documents in negotiation that have been shared with one or more people (internal or external parties).
Review Approval X/Y Shared documents with an approval workflow.
NEW-pending.png Pending Signature X/Y Documents that have been signed by one party but are awaiting one or more signatures. Pending documents cannot be edited. 
NEW-signed.png Signed   Documents that have been signed by all parties. 
Signed Active Signed documents that are currently in effect.
Signed Future  Signed documents that will become effective in the future.
Signed Expired Signed documents that have now expired.
Signed Renewed? Signed documents that have expired but may be renewed or terminated. 
doc-review-grey.png Review Canceled Documents that have been canceled. 



Conversion chart: old status to new stage/status 

Old Status (pre-Oct. 2018)
 Current stage/status
Old Status
Old badge in platform
Badge in Document view
Invitation OLD-invitation.png N/A (when you open a document it is no longer an invitation) NEW-invited.png Invited
Automated template OLD-template_auto.png doc-template-auto.png NEW-template_auto.png Template Automated
Template OLD-template.png doc-template.png NEW-template.png Template
Draft OLD-draft.png doc-draft.png NEW-draft.png Draft
Approval with no approval workflow OLD-approval.png doc-review.png NEW-review.png Review
Approval with pending approvals OLD-approval_with_workflow.png doc-review-approval_0_2.png NEW-review_approval_2_3.png Review Approval 0/Y
Approval with completed approval workflow OLD-approval_with_complete_workflow.png doc-review-approval_2_2.png NEW-review_approval_2_3.png Review Approval Y/Y
Negotiation with no approval workflow OLD-negotiation.png doc-review.png NEW-review.png Review
Negotiation with pending approvals OLD-negotiation-with-workflow.png doc-review-approval_0_2.png NEW-review_approval_2_3.png Review Approval 0/Y
Negotiation with completed approval workflow OLD-negotiation_with_complete_workflow.png doc-review-approval_2_2.png NEW-review_approval_2_3.png Review Approval Y/Y
Signature pending with pending approvals OLD-sign_pending_with_workflow.png doc-pending-sign_1_2.png NEW-pending_signature_2_3.png Pending Signature X/Y
Signature pending OLD-sign_pending.png doc-pending-sign_1_2.png NEW-pending_signature_2_3.png Pending Signature X/Y
Signed OLD-signed.png doc-signed.png NEW-signed.png Signed
In effect OLD-signed_in_effect.png doc-signed-active.png NEW-signed_active.png Signed Active
Future OLD-signed_future.png doc-signed-future.png NEW-signed_future.png Signed Future
Ended OLD-signed_ended.png doc-signed-expired.png NEW-signed_expired.png Signed Expired
Terminated OLD-terminated.png doc-signed-expired.png NEW-signed_expired.png Signed Expired
Renewable OLD-signed_renewable.png doc-signed-renewed_.png NEW-signed_renewed_.png Signed Renewed?
Cancelled OLD-canceled.png doc-review-canceled.png NEW-signed_canceled.png Review Canceled
Interrupted approval OLD-interrupted.png doc-review-canceled.png NEW-signed_canceled.png Review Canceled


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