User Role: Team Manager


Simplify the management of user accounts in Concord by delegating these tasks to Team managers (Creators).

A user can now be assigned the Team manager role. A Team manager has the right to invite or remove users from the platform, without having the full Administrator powers.


A new system role

A user can be assigned the Team manager role just like any other role : see here.

A Team manager has the same rights as a User in terms of creating and editing documents, and can in addition:

  • View the user list for the company
  • Invite new users and resend invitations;
  • Assign Roles to users (except the Administrator role);
  • Assign Teams to users;
  • Remove users from the company


New custom rights

If you wish to go further, it is possible to add any and all of the above rights to your custom roles. You could for example create a custom Role where users would have no right to create or edit documents, but the rights to manage users. 



Can a Team manager create or delete Teams ?

No. They cannot create, change the name, or delete Teams, only assign users to them. An Administrator must have created the Team beforehand.

Can a Team manager remove an Administrator ?

No. A Team manager can neither remove an Administrator, nor change its role. Only other Administrators can do that.

Are removed users permanently deleted ?

Yes and No. A removed user will lose access to all documents in the company it's removed from. But it will keep access to any other companies he/she might belong to.


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