Export to Google Docs

Concord's Google Drive integration now allows you to export a copy of your Concord documents at any stage as a Google Doc on demand. 

To export documents from Concord to Google Docs: 

  1. Connect your Google Drive account with your Concord account.

  2. Navigate to the document you wish to export.

  3. Hover your cursor over the download icon in the document toolbar and select the "Export to Google Docs" option.

  4. The contents of your document will be exported into a new Google Docs document in your connected Google account. A new tab will automatically open in your browser to your new Google Doc. 


  • You cannot export Concord documents to any Google account other than the account you connected to Concord.
  • When you connect Concord to your Google Drive account, documents that you sign will be automatically sent to your Google Drive
  • Your browser may block the opening of the document in Google Docs. If a new tab doesn't open automatically with your Google Doc, check if you have a warning message/icon about pop-ups (mainly near the website address). 
  • All exported documents will be saved to a folder in Google Drive named 'Concord'. Documents exported from company accounts will be saved in a subfolder named after the company. 
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