Restoring a previous version

You can restore a prior editable version of a document in Concord. 

To restore a document to a prior version:

  1. Navigate to the document you wish to restore to a prior version.

  2. From the document toolbar, select ‘Versions’ to view the version history of the document.


  3. Uncheck the compare version tool located above the list of previous versions, to the right of the document viewer.


  4. Select the version you wish to restore from the version list.

     Only versions generated from imported Word documents or from drafting within Concord can be restored. Versions generated from imported PDF documents cannot be restored at this time.

  5. Once a prior version selected, a ‘Restore’ button will appear inline with that version name. Click the 'Restore' button.


  6. The selected prior version will appear in the document editor in Edit mode. You can make further revisions to the document before saving.

  7. When you're ready, select ‘Save’ button from the document toolbar. 

What elements are included in a restore?

  • Inline comments made on the document will not be brought forward with the restore process. 
  • Pending tracked changes on the restored prior version will be brought forward as approved changes in the document. 
  • Form fields will not be brought forward with the restore process. Placeholder text in the fields and radio and checkbox values will be converted to plain text in the document on restore.  
  • Signature fields in the document and the signature block will remain unchanged with the restore. 

Who can restore prior versions?

A document can be restored by any participant on the document who has full-editing rights. Restoring a document will have no impact on the share settings of that document. 

Documents in the Draft, Review, and Template stages can be restored. Pending documents cannot be restored unless all signatures are canceled and they are returned to the Review stage. The contents of signed documents cannot be modified. Restoring a document will have no impact on the stage/status of the document. 


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