Managing Notifications

Concord sends email notifications to alert Users of activity on the documents on which they have access. Each Concord User can customize the frequency of notifications and whether to receive notifications for activities completed by a colleague, external guest, or both. 

Note: A User's email notification settings are applied to all the Concord accounts tied to the user's email address, including personal accounts, company accounts, and subsidiaries.

Choose Activities 

With our notification manager, Users can decide whether to be notified about activity performed by their colleagues, external guests, or both.  The types of activities include: 

Email notifications requesting an approval or signature are sent as individual emails to the users or guests assigned to that task. These settings cannot be modified. 

To select notification preferences:

  1. Open your Settings by clicking on to the Settings Cog
  2. Select Preferences under Personal Settings
  3. Under Email Notifications menu, select (blue) or de-select the boxes beside your preferences Any changes are automatically saved and effective immediately.


Note: The default setting has “new version” from colleagues deactivated


Choose Format

Users can choose the format of the email notifications they wish to receive:

  • Individual email - document activity updates sent in real-time as individual email notifications
  • Recent activity digest - a single, daily recap of activity on documents performed within the last 24 hours

Note: Invitations to join a document notifications are always sent as individual emails and cannot be grouped into the daily digest. These invitation emails include a unique link to the document specifically for the recipient. This setting applies to both Concord Users and guests. 

To update the format of your document activity email notifications:

  1. Open your Settings by clicking on to the Settings Cog
  2. Select Preferences under Personal Settings
  3. Under Email Notifications menu, use the dropdown beside each activity* to select "Individual email" or "Recent activity digest"

Daily Digest details

  • For both registered Users and guests, Recent activity digest is the default setting for all activities except for 'Message posted', which is set to 'Individual email'
  • Recent activity digest includes details about a maximum of 3 documents per email (if there was activity on more than 3 documents in the time period covered by that digest email, the 3 documents with the least recent activity will be included)
  • Recent activity digest will notify any signature and not only the first as it is with individual emails setting
  • Recent activity digest is sent each day at 4:00 pm UTCEmail-Digest-message.png

Email notifications for guests

Guests cannot modify their email notification settings without first creating an account on Concord. Guests without an account will receive email notifications following the default settings, show here: 



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