IP whitelisting

This feature is offered with some of our paid plans.

IP Whitelisting filters who can access your Concord account based on their Internet Protocol address (IP address), a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network. Concord is able to filter IPs at the time of login. 

Configuring this setting incorrectly can lead to users being inadvertently blocked from accessing their Concord account. For users with accounts linked to multiple companies, if one company has IP whitelist activated and the user's IP doesn't appear on the whitelist, then connection will be refused. 

Contact your IT/network department for a list of valid IPs and IP ranges.  

Note: Companies which login using a single sign-on service (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter) cannot whitelist IP's. 


Setting up the IP Whitelist 

Administrators can locate the IP whitelist in Company Preferences in Settings.

Enter a single IP address or a IP range per line.

Note: You must enter your current IP address. Otherwise you will blocked from accessing your Concord account at your next connection.


Deactivating the IP Whitelist

To deactivate IP whitelisting, remove all IP addresses and ranges from the input and Save. 

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