What is "Home"?

When you log in to your Concord account, you will be routed straight to Concord HomeHome displays your most relevant documents, allowing you and your teammates to increase efficiency as you work in Concord.

The new Home page lists:

  • Your Documents Pipeline, how many documents are in each stage and shortcuts to those documents in each stage.
  • Your document invitations.
  • Your Actions Required: any documents pending your approval or signature.
  • Your most recently viewed or modified documents.

Documents Pipeline

This will be a visual "Pipeline" with the different stages of the document and the # of documents in those stages: Template, Draft, Review, Pending and Signed.

  • Clicking on the stage will take you to a filtered list of documents in that stage

Recently modified

We will display a list of the 10 most recently modified contracts of their company.

  • If a user clicks into one of the items listed, it will open the document mentioned. Same behavior as opening a document from your Documents page.

Actions Required

We will display a list of the 10 most recent Actions Required.

  • We will show a list of actions required - ONLY for me (same behavior today)

  • The action required from the user will be mentioned right next to the stage. EG: Review / Approve
    Types of actions that can be required from a user: Approve, Join, Sign.

  • Opening a document from "Actions required" will work the same way today (will open the document showing the "quick actions"). 

Watch the video below to learn more:

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