Create a Report

In a new dedicated page for Reports (under Analytics), you will now be able to click into a “Create Report” button that will open a Report set-up page.


Creating a Report

The set-up page will contain input fields for:

  • The Report name
  • A description
  • A set of filters

Note: By selecting multiple filters, your results will not be widened but become more specific. For example, by Filtering for "Finance" and "HR", only documents tagged with both "Finance" and "HR" will populate- all others documents will be filtered out of the results.


The set-up page will also include a table view where you will be able to view all the filtered documents for that created report.


Accessing your created Reports

You will now have that dedicated page that will allow you to access all the Reports you have created in the past.


Note: You will not be able to see the Reports created by other users, and you will only see Reports for the current company you're at.

Deleting Reports

Once you select one or more Reports within your Report list, a Delete action will appear.


When clicking on the Delete button a confirmation modal with options to Confirm or Dismiss will appear.


  • In case of confirmation, the selected reports are deleted and will no longer be accessible.
  • In case of cancellation, the modal will be closed and nothing will happen.


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