Insert clauses from the library

This feature is available with some of our paid plans.

Insert clauses that are already written and pre-approved from the Clause Library into documents.

Before inserting a clause forward, ensure that at least one clause has been created and saved in your company's Clause Library

In a template or document, in Edit mode

  • From the “Special fields” menu in the document toolbar, click on “Insert clause from library”


  • In the “Select a clause from the library” modal, select a clause from the library
    • All clauses are displayed but you can search by the clause title
    • Clause description defined in the library is displayed beneath the clause title
    • The toggle open the clause to view the whole clause text


  • Click on the “Insert” button on the bottom right
  • The selected clause will appear in the document.
    • Inserted library clauses will be displayed as plain text in Read mode for all external guests on the document.
    • In Edit mode for external guests, clauses will appear in a grey container with a not-allowed cursor on hover


    • Creators and colleagues can view inserted clauses in the document within a purple container.


  • If you update an inserted clause in the clause library
    • The clause is updated in all templates that use it
    • The changes are logged in the audit trail to identify who made the update


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