Manage Clauses in the Library

This feature is available with some of our paid plans.

The Clause Library is a feature where users can configure reusable sections of clause text.

Each clause has a title and an optional description field for internal use.

When the text of a clause is updated in the library, it is automatically updated in templates in which it has been inserted as well.

Once the clause is defined in the library, users can insert it into documents as uneditable, or locked, section of text. External guests cannot see inserted clauses in read-mode. External guests with full editing rights on the document can see the locked section of clause text in edit mode, but cannot edit the text.



  • Roles: Administrators, Team Managers, Users and custom roles who have the “Create & edit & delete a clause in the library” permission (must be given by Administrator)

Create a clause

  • Navigate to Company Settings > Clause Library

  • Click on the “Add clause” button
  • Enter a clause title, clause text, and a description (optional)
  • Save the clause


Edit a clause

  • On the clause listed click on "edit"
  • Only description is optional
  • Save
  • This clause will be updated on all templates but never on other documents (such as Drafts, in Review, Signing, Signed)

Delete a clause

  • Any clause inserted on template can't be deleted
  • Clauses unused or inserted on document can be deleted

 Insert a clause in a document or a template


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