Required Fields

Adding Required Fields to Your Document

Information that must be collected in your contract or document should be input as a required field. Required fields will guarantee the information you have requested is collected before any signatures to the document. 

To insert a required field:

  1. Click Edit at the top right of your document.     Screen_Shot_2021-04-20_at_3.12.51_PM.png
  2.  Place and click your cursor in the area of the document you'd like to place your required field.
  3. Click Insert (in the editing toolbar)
  4. Select a field type (for example, a 'Short answer' form field)insert_short_answer.png
  5. In the pop-up, give your field a text placeholder (i.e., Effective Date). The placeholder text will be visible only until someone adds text to the field.
  6. Select the option that best fits the description of who will be completing the field in the document. fillable_by.png
  7. Mark the field required to fill out before signature by clicking the blue toggle 'Required' (blue indicates the field is required)required.png
  8. Click Save to place your field into the document.
  9. Required fields will be labeled with a red asterisk to indicate that they must be filled out.




IMPORTANT: Signing and requesting signatures will be locked until these fields are filled. To quickly check for required fields, view the Document Progress Card.

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