Required fields

Using required fields in your document

Placing fields in your document for your users or invited guests to fill out can be helpful to ensure the correct data is entered prior to signature.

To enter a required field:

  1. Click "Edit" at the top right of your document.
  2. Place and click your cursor in the area of the document you'd like to place your field.
  3. Once the cursor is in place, select the "Form fields" option at the top of the text editor.
  4. Select "Short answer" then give your field a text placeholder (i.e. Effective Date).
  5. Delegate which individual, party, or team can fill out the field, and delegate whether it is required to fill out before signature or not.
  6. Once your configurations are complete, click save to place your field into the document.


To learn more about "Form fields", click here.

To learn how to fill out fields as a user or guest, click here.

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