Invited Guest Reference Guide

You have been invited to join a document on Concord.  This short guide shows you how to join, edit and sign the document.


I’ve received an invitation to join a document on Concord – what do I do?

  • You will receive an invitation email with a link to the document
  • In the top of the right side of the document, you’ll see the number of required fields and how many of them have been completed. You will need to complete 100% of the mandatory fields before the document can be signed
  • Click into the yellow mandatory fields assigned to you and fill in the required information
  • Click 'Save' to save your work 
  • The Company that sent you the document will be notified when edits have been made to the document.



How do I comment on the document?

  • Highlight the text you would like to comment on, the air bubble icon will appear
  • Click 'Add a comment'
  • Click 'Comment'


 Why can’t I sign the document?

  • The document might need to be approved by the Company before it can be signed.  Once approved, the document will unlock for signature
  • If all required fields have not been input, the document cannot be signed


 Are Concord signatures legally valid?


How do I get a copy of the completed document?

  • You will receive an email, “ABC Agreement has been signed by all parties”
  • Click View document in the email you received
  • At the top left, click the ‘down arrow’ icon and select Download as PDF.

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