Navigation Update 07.22.19

We've updated our navigation! What's new:

  • The Concord Logo now takes you "Home"
  • "Inbox" has been renamed Documents
  • New Search icon on my Documents page
  • New Filters location on my Documents page
  • New Analytics menu


Click the Concord Logo to go "Home"

We've added our logo to the top of the navigation bar. Clicking the Concord logo from any page on Concord will take you back to Home, which contains your Documents Pipeline, Actions Required, and Recently modified documents - learn more here.



Inbox is now called "Documents"

Previously named "Inbox", your Documents page contains all of the documents you have created and/or shared with you (excluding Archived and deleted documents). From your Documents page, you can search, sort, filter, and perform bulk actions on your entire portfolio - learn more here.



New Search Icon on my Documents Page

On your Documents page, click the magnifying glass to use the global search function. Use Search to locate documents by entering the content, title, description, or third parties of a document- learn more here.



"Filters" relocated on my Documents page

The document Filters feature is now located at the top of your Documents page. With document filters, you can quickly filter through your Documents for agreements with a specific title, status, or tag - learn more here.



New Analytics menu

Click the analytics icon in the lefthand panel to open your Analytics page. Our new Analytics menu is organized by Documents and Deadlines - learn more about Analytics here.



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