Manage Your Document Access Rights with Folders

As an Administrator, you can give individual users or teams in your company permission to access documents that are in a specific folder.

Note: Any companies that created their account before May 2019 can use Tags to grant access to documents. 


Document Types

Folders currently store

  • Document Templates - so that the users/teams can use templates specific to their needs;

  • Executed documents - in addition to having access to the executed documents generated by or shared with the user him/herself, this permission gives the user automatic access to documents in a certain folder, as soon as they are fully signed.

Note: These access rules do not apply to documents that are in the Review or Singing stages, which can only be shared via the Share button


Creating and Sharing a Folder


Viewing Folders

  • Users can view their Folders by navigating to their Documents page and clicking 'Folders'. To view documents in a particular folder, simply click on the folder or sub-folder name.


Administrators View 

  • Administrators can overview Folder access by clicking 'Folders' in the Company Settings menu. Simply hover your mouse over the 'Shared with' Column.


  • In this example, all documents in the 'Customer Success' Folder will be accessible to the Customer Success team and the Admin team. 


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