Organizing & Filtering Documents with Tags

Tags, similar to hashtags # across social media, are used to organize and group your documents in Concord outside of the Folder structure. When using the Global Search feature to filter your documents within Concord, you can easily narrow down your results by Tags.

Tip: While a single document can have multiple Tags, a best practice is to create them to directly correlate with recurring document types or categories (e.g. Customers, Vendors, HR, Real Estate, NDA, MSA).

Note: Companies that created their Concord company account before May 2019 will use tags to organize AND grant access to documents.

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Creating Tags

  1. From the Home page, navigate to the gear icon in the lower left corner of your screen, and click Settings.
  2. Navigate to and click on Tags under Company Settings in the left-hand panel.
  3. From the Tags page, navigate to and click on the ADD NEW TAG button.
  4. In the modal that appears on your screen, enter the name of a Tag you would like to attach to future Documents.
  5. Once completed, click the CREATE button.

Note: Only account Administrators are able to create and manage Tags.

Adding Tags to a Document

  1. From the Home page, navigate to Documents in the left-hand panel.
  2. From the Documents Inbox, select an existing Document to add Tags to, or navigate to and click on the New Document button from the upper left part of your screen.
  3. Once selected, navigate to and click on the field titled Enter Tags under the Summary tab in the right-hand panel.
  4. A list of pre existing Tags will appears as a drop-down. Scroll to the Tag  you wish to add and click.

    Note: If a Tag does not already exist in your account, you will be able to enter in a new Tag name (excluding spaces, commas, colons, semicolons), and hit Return or Enter on your keyboard to apply. The new Tag will automatically be added to your ongoing list of Tags.

  5. Proceed with adding multiple Tags to the document, as needed.
  6. Once completed, navigate to and click on the SAVE button.

Viewing Tags in the Documents Inbox

Tags are not visible within your Document Inbox by default. To ensure the Tags column is displayed, navigate to and click on the Change View (or filter) icon in the upper toolbar. Under the SHOW COLUMNS modal that appears on your screen, you will be able to select Tags.

Note: Any User within an account can access the Change View (or filter) feature within the Documents Inbox. 

Delete Tags

  1. Go to Settings > Company Settings > Tags Management
  2. Check the checkboxes of the tag(s) you want to delete
  3. Click on the "Delete tag" button in the table toolbar 
  4. Confirm the deletion in the pop-up modal

Note: Only account Administrators are able to delete Tags.

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