Document Approvals

Whether an invoice, quote, proposal, contract, or non-disclosure agreement, most documents will require an internal workflow prior to requesting and obtaining signatures. In Concord, this is done directly through the Approval Workflow feature.

Company app feature (stored in Approvals) and the Custom Approval feature (created and stored on individual documents) are included with select subscription plans.

Please note the Approval feature was previously named "Workflows", updated April 2021.

Creating an Approval

  1. From the Home page:
    • navigate to and click on the + New document button in the top right of your screen
    • or; navigate to Documents in the left-hand panel to select an existing drafted document
  2. Navigate to and click on Set an approval in the top right hand of your screen
  3. In the modal that appears on your screen, you will be able to enter and set your desired workflow
    Note: Users with access to the Company Workflow feature will be able to choose from a Company Workflow - this is offered with some of our paid plans.

Creating a Custom Approval

  1. In the modal mentioned above, click on Set Approval
  2. Select “Custom Workflow"
  3. Add your first approver to step one, to assign the approver click the plus icon and choose your approving user
  4. From the next screen you may choose from a list of internal users to approve this document
  5. To add your next approver select add approval step and repeat step 3. Continue to do this until your approval Workflow is complete
  6. Assign approvers by selecting the add approver icon and assigning an approver to each step
    you can add multiple users to an approval step.
    Select "Anyone" if the approval of only one person is required on a step with multiple approvers prior to signature OR select "Everyone” if multiple approvers are required to approve before moving to the next group
  7. When you have completed your selection, click Save. You will be brought back to the document viewer and you will be able to see your approval workflow applied in the tab.

Company Approvals

View and Edit your Company Approval Workflows in Approvals.

You will be able to pick your approval flow from a list of pre-defined and pre-approved approval workflows. 


As shown above, you may choose from a list of pre-defined and pre-approved Company workflows.

Note: Company workflows can be created in the Company Settings under the Workflow tab.

Requesting Approval

The Approval Workflow feature can be customized to either automate approval steps or manually request approval. You may have noticed the checkboxes at the bottom of the Workflow setup menu, shown below:


This feature allows you to decide whether approvers are automatically notified when it is their turn to approve. If you choose to Automatically notify next approver, the next approver will see the contract in their Require Actions folder as soon as he needs to review and approve.

If this option is turned off, The approval notification will need to be sent manually by selecting “Request Approval” on each step of the approval as shown below:


Users can see the person required for approval directly in the summary tab, as well as the status of their decision (rejected or approved).

  • Or cancel their approval or rejection once g

Granting or Rejecting Approval

Users with approval rights are able to do the following:

  • Approve a document
  • Reject approval of a document
  • Cancel an approval or rejection once granted

Users can still edit a contract before or after approval has been granted. However, if any party (user, approver, or third party) edits the contract after it has been approved, approval will need to be granted once again, for the contract to be signed.

Note: When you reject an approval, the workflow does not reset. The user in question will need to opt to cancel his/her rejection after his/her objection has been overcome.

Note: To cancel a rejection, the user will need to go to the workflow tab and select the Cancel Rejection option, show below:


Note: The only way to reset a workflow is for a non-approver or guest to edit the content of the document. If an approver edits the document after their approval, the workflow will reset back to their approval step.

Once the entire approval Workflow has been granted, all parties will be able to sign it.

The timeline of changes and approvals will be listed in the Audit Trail to the right of the contract in the summary tab, and will not be shared with third parties once the contract is sent for signature.

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