Bulk Upload Guide


Getting Started Best Practices

  • Check your file types - you can use the Bulk Upload feature to import PDF files

  • Ensure your files are compressed into a Zip file

  • Name your files - the file name will become the title of your document in Concord (this title can be edited later)

  • While you may perform unlimited bulk uploads, please note the maximum size of a single upload is 500MB.

  • If your documents will be accessed by some (not all) users, we recommend organizing your documents into separate Zip files before performing the upload - you can associate them with tags or folders at the time of the upload 


How To

  1. Click the bottom-left settings cog and select Settings

  2. Under Company Settings, select Bulk Upload

  3. Click NEW UPLOAD

  4. Click Browse and select your Zip file 

  5. If you'd like to organize your files right awayinput a Tag or Folder name

  6. Click START UPLOAD 

Depending on the size of your file, your upload can take up to a few hours to complete. However, you can simply navigate away from the page or even log out and/or close the browser and it will not impact the upload in progress.

Task Details

Once the Zip has been transferred, you can check on the progress of the creation of the documents in the Task details screen.

Clicking on an upload task in the Tasks list opens the task details. The name of the Zip file, the creator, and the upload start date and upload ID are shown in the header, as well as the Status of the task:

  • In progress: the process is still running, the full results are not available yet;
  • Done: the process is finished, and 100% of documents were be uploaded successfully;
  • Done with exceptions: the process is finished, but some documents were not uploaded due to being an unsupported file (Ignored) or another error (Error);
  • Error with Zip file: the transfer of the Zip file failed, was interrupted, or the Zip file is corrupted.

Upload Results / Status

To ensure no document is left behind, we display the status of the upload for each document in the Zip file.


  • Imported is displayed when the documents have been successfully uploaded. Clicking on the line will open that document in Concord.

  • Ignored is displayed when the document was not of a supported type (PDF or DOC or DOCX) and could not be uploaded. To resolve this, adjust the file type then include that document in another bulk upload (or use the import executed document feature).

  • Error is displayed when a different (non-file-type) error disrupted the document upload. Please see the Log message column for more details.

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