Smart Fields - Admin Guide

This feature is available for customers on select subscription plans. Please contact our Customer Success Team should you be interested in accessing this feature. 

With Smart Fields, Concord administrators can create standardized fields for use at the organization-level. Those fields can be inserted into documents to collect data (like form fields), but: data entered into these fields automatically populate to the document's Summary Sheet.

Create a Smart Field

All users will be able to view existing Smart fields in the Standards gate. For an Administrator to create a Smart Field:


  1. From the Home page, click Smart fields on the left side panel
  2. Click the blue Add field button



Note: Currently, Smart Fields can be renamed but cannot be deleted from the Standards list. 

Insert a Smart Field into a Document

Internal creators (and Administrators) granted full editing rights on a document can insert Smart Fields while in "Edit" mode:


  1. In any Template or document, click Edit
  2. Click on the space in your document where you want to add a Smart Field
  3. In the toolbar, click Insert
  4. Select Smart Field
  5. In the pop-up modal, choose your desired Smart Field
  6. Select your preferences: 'fillable by' and 'required' or 'optional'
  7. Click Save

Editing an Inserted Smart Field

Smart fields can only be edited by Administrators in the Smart Fields menu.

However, the following can be adjusted by clicking on an inserted smart field and selecting the 'Edit' tool icon:

  • Who can fill the field (internal parties, external parties, both)
  • Whether or not the field is required or optional

Note: External guests with full editing rights can also adjust the above.

Deleting an Inserted Smart Field

In edit mode, click on an inserted smart field and then select the trash icon to remove it (or simply use the backspace key)

Note: External guests can also delete a smart field from a document, but they cannot insert smart fields themselves.

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