Document Progress Card

On unsigned Concord documents, you'll find a box titled "Complete your document" above the Summary Panel.  This is your document's unique Progress CardAs the Sign feature is locked until all required actions have been completed, the Document Progress Card guides users through these required actions, providing a succinct list of steps.document_progress_card.png

From the document's Progress Card, parties can track and complete the following:

  • Required fields 
  • Approval workflows 
  • Mark a document "Ready to sign"
  • Sign a document


Required Fields


Fields marked as "required" must be filled by the assigned party before any party can sign.

On the Progress Card, parties assigned to any required document fields can view their progress at a glance. And with the Card's field navigation tool, parties can jump directly to their assigned fields. 

To quickly navigate and fill your required fields:

  1. Beside 'Fill required fields completed' click the blue "Next" button
  2. Click directly into the selected field box (Do NOT click 'EDIT' if you have editing rights to fill out the field - this will simply edit the placeholder text)
  3. Enter the appropriate information
  4. Save your field data by clicking the "SAVE" button at the top right of the document

Who sees 'Fill required fields'?

  • Third parties with Limited editing rights can see a field count of only the fields they can fill.
  • Third parties with Full editing rights see field count of all fields in the document. 
  • If the document does not contain any fields, the ‘Fill fields’ step will not appear in the doc progress card at all.


Approve or Reject: Internal Workflow


If the document contains a Custom or Company approval workflow,  each workflow step must be "approved" before any party can sign.

Users assigned to an approval step can approve, reject, or cancel rejection by clicking the respective buttons directly on the Progress Card beside "Approve: step X/X".

If preferred, users can also interact with this feature traditional WORKFLOWS tab. Learn more about approval workflows in this article.


  • Users can send approval requests (with or without custom messages) if the option to ‘Automatically notify next approvers when a step is complete’ is unchecked. User can also cancel their rejection from the document progress card. -
  • If the document does not have an approval workflow set, the Approval step will not appear in the doc progress card at all.


Ready to Sign?


Once any required fields have been filled, workflow steps have been approved, and any tracked changes/redlines have been accepted, signers can mark a document 'Ready to Sign'.

To mark a document Ready to Sign, click the blue 'Move to sign' button.

When a signer clicks the blue Ready to Sign button:

  • The document's stage changes to Signing
  • The EDIT button is locked

Important notes:

This is not a required step - as long as all other actions have been completed, documents can be signed without being marked as 'Ready to Sign'.

Clicking Ready to Sign does not automatically send a signature request email or any email notification informing participants of the stage change. If desired, parties can send a "Signature request" email reminder by clicking the REQUEST SIGNATURE button below the desired signature block - learn more here.

Revert to Review (undo 'Ready to Sign')


After ‘Ready to sign’ has been selected—but before any signatures are collected—users can undo this action by:

  1. Hovering over the 'Ready to sign?' step
  2. Clicking the blue ‘Revert to review’ button that appears

This will return the document to 'Review' stage and enable editing



Once all required actions have been completed, the Sign button will be unlocked. 

When a signatory clicks "Sign" in the Progress Card, they are automatically navigated to their assigned signature block (at the bottom of the document).

Learn more about signing on Concord in this article.

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