Company Approval Workflows

Approvals' are available with some of our paid plans.

With Company Approval Workflows: build, control and update standardized approval workflows that your internal users can access and reuse with ease.


To learn more about the general Approval Workflow feature, click here.

And, to learn more about Custom Conditional Workflows, click here.

Create a Company Workflow

Company Workflows are created, stored, and edited in the Workflows page.


  1. From Home, Click Workflows
  2. Click + Add new workflow
  3. Add a Name 
  4. Add a Description 
  5. Click the blobid8.png'Assigned to' icon (beside Step 1)
  6. Select desired approvers (users or teams)
  7. Click Add approval step
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 until you have achieved the desired workflow
  9. Click Save


This can only be performed by users with 'create workflows' activated in their role.

To delete a Step, click Delete. Steps cannot be re-ordered. Instead, delete the steps and re-create the workflow.

Updates made to a company workflow will be reflected on all unsigned documents to which it is applied.

Set a Company Workflow

You can add your Company Workflow to your Template or Draft/Review document in the 'Workflows' tab.


  1. Open the document
  2. Click Workflows (on the Summary Sheet)
  3. Click Set approval workflowblobid5.png
  4. Choose Company workflowblobid6.png
  5. Click on a workflow to select it 
  6. Click Save


This can only be performed by users with the ability to 'set workflows activated in their role.

Company workflows can be assigned to an unsigned document or template

Using a Company Workflow

Click here to learn more about using approval workflows, ie how to:

  • Approve
  • Reject approval
  • Request approval
  • Reset a workflow


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