Creating Salesforce Automated Templates

Creating Salesforce automated templates in Concord

To be able to start creating document from your Opportunities, you need to create Salesforce templates in Concord.

1. Creating an Automated Template:

  • Select the More menu (three dots icon) from the document toolbar and select Set as Automated Template


  •  Select the Salesforce as the Automated Template type 


2. Add Salesforce variables to your Automated Template:

  • From the document toolbar, select the 'Edit' button
  • From the Special fields menu, select Automated variable



From the 'Add Salesforce variable' modal, select the field you would like to insert. 

Once selected, select the Add button. 


  • Once you have placed the automated variables on your document, click Save from the document toolbar.

Once you have created the Salesforce automated template in Concord and inserted one or more Salesforce variables into the document, the automated template will be immediately available for use from your Salesforce Opportunities. 

You're done! 

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