Creating Salesforce Automated Templates

In order to be able to start creating documents from Salesforce, you need to create a Salesforce Automated Template in Concord.

Creating a new Automated Template with Salesforce


  1. From Home, click + New Document
  2. Click the '>' arrow beside "New Template"
  3. Select Automated with Excel 
  4. Import your Word file
  5. Add a title and fill the Summary Sheet
  6. Click 'Save'

Changing a standard Template to an Automated Template

If you already have a template that you would like to use as a Salesforce Automated Template, you can change it to an Automated Template in just a few clicks.


  1. Open a Template
  2. Click File
  3. Click 'Automate template'
  4. In the 'Select an automated template type' pop-up, click Salesforce For more information on automating with Excel, visit here. This guide will focus on the Salesforce automated templateblobid2.png

The Automated Template will be available in the "Templates" tab to the left of the home page.


Adding Salesforce Fields

Once you have created your Salesforce Automated Template, insert Salesforce fields.


  1. Click Edit
  2. Place your cursor and click where you would like to insert the field
  3. Click Insert in the editing toolbar
  4. Select 'Salesforce fields'
  5. Select the field you would like to insert blobid2.png
  6. Click Add
  7. Repeat for any Salesforce Fields you would like to insert

Once you have created the Salesforce automated template in Concord and inserted one or more Salesforce variables into the document, the automated template will be immediately available for use from your Salesforce Opportunities. 


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